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Are you asking yourself, "What is a builder?" Then let me explain quickly!

You are here because you saw our landing page,

which is a Direct Referral Machine.


That page is our builder and that is what we are now offering you for a very low price. You will receive a builder that can include up to 12 PTC sites and each site's banner (More Sites able after the Builder is ready, you can request changes and new sites to add via Contact Form or via Skype)


The Builder will be made like the Builder Pages on the left Side in Navigation with your own Referral Links.


At the end, when you Advertise your Builder in some rotator and PTC Sites you will receive

Direct Referrals in your PTC Sites that are placed as Ads on your Builder.


The good thing is we NEVER put AdHitz or other Ad Sites on the Top or left on the Builder cause we think that you Pay for the Traffic and you should get the best benefit for it. We place AdHitz Banners on the Bottem and we are the only one who offers this!!!


If you have questions, feel free to contact our Support Team




By Click the link bellow you will be redirected to our Sales Page where you can Buy your Builder as low as 25,00 $ / Year


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